Bruno Lucas

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React Native


AEM - Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Franklin


Senior Software Developer / jan 2022 - todayAppnovation

Working with React, Storybook, Contentful, Nextjs and Gatsby to deliver the best experience for the customer.

Founder and Software Developer / jan 2018 - todayTribos Tech

Marca Aí is a personal project that bridges the gap between businesses and customers seamlessly. We've created software that empowers customers to schedule services like haircuts or shavings, and we take care of the entire scheduling process, from selecting a time to sending reminders to both the customer and the business. Additionally, we've designed an Admin UI that allows businesses to tailor their scheduling preferences, including employee work hours and the ability to block specific slots on the calendar. We've utilized an array of cutting-edge technologies, including React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB, AWS (for profile image storage), Heroku (for frontend and backend hosting), and React Native for cross-platform compatibility on IOS and Android.

Senior Software Development Engineer / aug 2018 - jan 2022Amdocs

I collaborated with a fantastic team on crafting and upkeeping solutions for telecommunication companies. We ventured into the exciting realm of new technologies, including React, Angular, Node, Express, MongoDB, and Contentful to bring innovation to the telecom industry.

Web Developer / feb 2018 - jul 2018Writesys Traffic Systems

I was in charge of taking care of a special proprietary software and adding new features to it. My toolkit mainly consisted of ASP.NET, JavaScript, and Kendo, which I used to jazz up the UI grid content.

Software Developer / 2016 - 2017Embrapa Instrumentação Agropecuária - Qualcomm Wireless Reach

In this project, I got to do something pretty awesome. I had to adapt the image processing skills I learned as a trainee to run on a single board computer, and then I hooked it up to a drone. This setup allowed us to process images in real-time as the drone captured pictures of crops, and I did it all in C++.

Software Developer Internship / 2014 - 2015Embrapa Instrumentação Agropecuária

I was in charge of building software to count crops and spot issues in fruit crops. I used C# and the Emgu CV library, and I also integrated a neural network for precise fruit problem detection.


IFSP - Instituto Federal de São Paulo - Graduation / 2013 - 2016São Carlos